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Update 3-13-2017: Decided to change to a downloadable format because so many browsers dropped support for Unity. I haven't had time yet to optimize the game for running on it's own but it seems to be fine so far. I recommend playing in windowed mode on a smaller screen size because larger windows will cut off parts of the game. Thanks for giving this game a shot!

Phase blocks is a new take on the classic falling-block puzzle genre. All blocks must be phased before they can be cleared from the grid, and blocks are not cleared until their entire chain is phased. Player must merge phase arrows together (by dropping them on top of each other or merging in through the sides) to set off phase explosions, and can combo them together for huge screen-covering explosions. Score more points for clearing larger chains, but beware that chains become harder and harder to phase and clear the bigger they become.

Wall blocks (which must be hit multiple times to be phased) and star blocks (which will phase their entire row and column when cleared) add even more layers of depth to the game. All actions in the games are musically noted, and the music becomes more intense the better that the player does. The game ends when blocks stack to the top of the screen above the grid.

Phase Blocks has been in part-time development for 22 months by Pink House Games, and is our first foray into "true" indie development. We have done a lot of play-testing but are still looking for any bugs or issues present in the game, so please let us know on itch.io or at pinkhousegames@gmail.com if you have any problems with the game or would like to provide any feedback.


Design and Code: Ozzie Smith

Art and Music: Sam Wagstaff


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